Services Offered

  • Understand overall financial circumstances
  • Serve as financial coach & educator
  • Provide discerning insight and advice
  • Produce streamlined consolidated reporting
  • Monitor investment activity
  • Negotiate fees & control costs
  • Coordinate with client’s advisor team

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Rockland, DE 19732
Phone: 302.893.0160
Fax: 302.397.2384


The following three steps are the essence of what we do for our clients at Weightman Wealth Advisory.


To get organized, information is needed. What assets does a client have? Where are they located? How are they taxed? What kind of income is produced? How much income does the client have, do they need? How much can the client save, give away, gift to children? What are the liabilities? Describe the insurance plans in place. Using bank and custodial statements we pull together the big picture, usually on just a single page spreadsheet.

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This stage of the process begins as a mutual exchange. First we listen and learn, after which we can share and educate. Using what we have learned, we create a Financial Biography of the client so as the advisor/partner/coach/advocate, we have a solid understanding of how the wealth came to be, how the client uses it and aspires to grow it, how they donate it to charities and gift it within their family, their values around it, etc… Then we review the investment accounts, legal documents, tax returns, insurance policies, and lending arrangements in order to take in the full scope of the client's existing assets and liabilities. Lastly, we revisit the client to learn about how certain circumstances came to be, how decisions were made, how they feel about them, whether they want to make changes going forward, what else they still aim to accomplish, and how we can be helpful in the process.

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Ongoing Guidance

We will use the organizational tools and the shared education to ensure that the client is making sound financial decisions, and that they are taking control of their wealth and resources. Regular communication via phone, email and in person meetings is another essential component in the ongoing guidance stage. It will be critical that the recommendations of the advisor team (including their attorney, accountant, insurance provider, investment managers, corporate trustees and bankers) make sense to the client. Too often a vocabulary of "financial jargon" is used with non-financial people. No one should feel confused or intimidated to ask clarifying questions of the people they want to trust and seek advice from.

Clients dealing with wealth management specialists are not the only ones to experience these frustrations. As a parent, I have too often had this feeling of confusion when seeking medical care for my children. When my daughter or son is sick, and I take them to the doctor, I am worried, and I want answers and remedies that will make my child better. As soon as possible. When the doctors or nurses use medical terms or acronyms that I don't understand in their explanations or recommendations, I can get very frustrated. How can I make a good decision or care for my child when we leave the office if I don't understand what's been said? Quite simply, I can't. So I seek out doctors who want to get to know my children, who never treat my questions as if they're stupid or they don't have time for them, and who partner with me in the care of my child. It is just this kind of relationship that we hope to engender with our clients. We want to know you. We want you to feel that you can ask anything – the only stupid question is the one that isn't asked – and we want to partner with you in the stewardship of your wealth. Let us help you make your financial goals become a reality.

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