Services Offered

  • Understand overall financial circumstances
  • Serve as financial coach & educator
  • Provide discerning insight and advice
  • Produce streamlined consolidated reporting
  • Monitor investment activity
  • Negotiate fees & control costs
  • Coordinate with client’s advisor team

Contact Us:

P.O. Box 308
Rockland, DE 19732
Phone: 302.893.0160
Fax: 302.397.2384



We are a financial advocate for individuals and families. We want to make a difference in the financial lives of our clients by charging a fair price for tangible ways to improve a client’s financial circumstances, not only as measured by investment return, but also by the control and sense of security a client feels about their wealth.

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If any of the following scenarios resonate with you, we would like to help.

  • In a world of changing tax laws, highly volatile financial markets, and too many advisors who act more like salespeople than stewards of wealth, where is a person to turn for unbiased, knowledgeable advice?
  • When keeping track of financial records is always somewhere on the list of things to do, but never seems to get done, can you honestly answer the following questions:
    • Do you know your net worth?
    • Do you know how many investment accounts, savings plans, trusts and retirement accounts you or your family has?
    • Where is your Will?
    • Do you have enough insurance? Are you sure?
    • Do you have an identity theft and credit protection plan in place?
    • What is your Asset Allocation? Do you apply it account by account or as an over arching risk control method?
    • Are you being overcharged by your current investment managers/financial planners? Would you know?
    • Do you have a corporate trustee who treats your family’s money more like it is theirs than yours? How do you establish a more constructive relationship going forward?
  • What if a person has a highly talented team of advisors – accountant, lawyer, trustees, investment managers, insurance agents and bankers – but no one to play the role of generalist and communicator amongst the experts? How does the individual ensure that things are getting done in a timely fashion and team members held accountable for their responsibilities?
  • Because family issues extend well beyond those of financial importance and may touch on the value structures and history of the family, as well as the story behind the wealth and the legacy to be passed on, who is going to make sure those details are preserved and shared?

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Wealthy, complex individuals and families need a variety of wealth management services to oversee and steward their wealth. The problem Weightman Wealth Advisory has identified, however, is that many people are not really interested in this process, nor do they know how to coordinate and leverage the expertise of their team of providers. That's where we would like to step in. For a handful of clients, we would like to be the firm that the individual or family seeks to be the glue that holds together the wealth management process. One client already considers us their 40,000 foot advisor, whose objectivity permits the view needed to see what transitions the family is undergoing and to guide the process to the next stage of the journey. While we enjoy being an integral part of a client's wealth management team, it is the family, or designated individuals, who should shine amongst the providers. If we have appropriately prepared the client for the decisions to be made, been the educator we love to be, and acted as a sounding board for ideas to be challenged, then we will have served the client well and gained enormous satisfaction along the way. We believe there are families of both entrepreneurial and inherited wealth who could benefit from such an advisory experience, and we would welcome the opportunity to guide and serve them.

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