Services Offered

  • Understand overall financial circumstances
  • Serve as financial coach & educator
  • Provide discerning insight and advice
  • Produce streamlined consolidated reporting
  • Monitor investment activity
  • Negotiate fees & control costs
  • Coordinate with client’s advisor team

Contact Us:

P.O. Box 308
Rockland, DE 19732
Phone: 302.893.0160
Fax: 302.397.2384


The Distelfink

This is Weightman Wealth Advisory’s periodic communications piece. Inspired by imagery from the Amish community, the name Distelfink actually means goldfinch, a bird who symbolizes happiness and good luck. Given the vagaries of the financial markets, we can all use a little more sound advice and good fortune in the years to come!

Through regular email broadcasts and archived letters on our website, we will share our thoughts about how to oversee one’s financial affairs more competently, more confidently and with a stronger understanding of how the whole process works. We will suggest ways to improve efficiency and simplify your financial life. We will recommend timely and topical books and articles on relevant subjects. And, we promise to inject some humor and levity along the way.

Current Features:  

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Past Issues of The Distelfink:

Introducing the Advisory Practice
The Children's Series

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