Services Offered

  • Understand overall financial circumstances
  • Serve as financial coach & educator
  • Provide discerning insight and advice
  • Produce streamlined consolidated reporting
  • Monitor investment activity
  • Negotiate fees & control costs
  • Coordinate with client’s advisor team

Contact Us:

P.O. Box 308
Rockland, DE 19732
Phone: 302.893.0160
Fax: 302.397.2384

Financial Advocate for
Individuals and Families

The goal of our advisory practice is to empower clients with financial knowledge so that each client makes better, more informed decisions while overseeing the various components of their wealth. Relevant areas of focus may include investments, sourcing income requirements, preparing for retirement, tax planning, insurance coverages, borrowing needs, philanthropy, etc… When working with clients, we typically engage in a three step process beginning with organization and reporting, moving onto individualized education, and evolving to ongoing guidance through regular communications and scheduled meetings.